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  4. Sell Product
  5. Receive Payments
  6. Automate The Entire Process

With NinjaLeads You Will Be Able To:

How Ted Made $58,000+ More After Purchasing NinjaLeads..

Mark D.
Marketer - Dallas, TX

Mark is a 28 year old man that operates a one man marketing agency helping local businesses like real estate agents, doctors offices, etc. around Dallas area.

He was spending $200-300 a day on running ads on FB and Google.   He was paying about  $50 per successful lead capture,  but most leads would not respond to his calls/emails.   He was just burning money. 


We let him try NinjaLeads free of charge for 30 days and on 11th day he called us  asking how he can pay to keep the software.   He revealed that he had closed deal worth over  $58k in last 7 days.    He said he had stopped spending money on lead generation.

NinjaLeads worked for Mark & it will work for you!     If it doesn’t work,  you can just get your full refund.  Nothing to lose!

3 Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Login To Your Account & Set "Store Name"

Step 2: Import Demo Products &/OR add your own products.

Step 3: Share your lead magnet link.

Very Easy For your Leads To Access & Fill Out Form

Your Task Is To Get This Product &
Our Duty Is To Help You Generate Leads.

Don't Lose Sleep On How To Generate Leads

🔥 Features You Will Love 🔥

Export Leads With A Click

You will be able to see all the leads & Export .CSV with 1 click anytime. No Limitation on # of Leads.

Put Ads On Your Page For Extra Money

Add Adsense Ad codes, Or Your own Ad Costs To EARN extra income from your lead magnet store.

Sell Products & Receive Payments On PayPal

A lot of our customers are also using Access123 as their digital store where they sell products & receive 100% of payment on their PayPal.


How Can I Generate Leads Using NinjaLeads?


Give our free products and collect their name, email and more

Exclusive Content

Add some of your best exclusive content and let people access it for free or a fee.

Sell Products

NinjaLeads also allows you to sell products and services and deliver them automatically after payment.


Add best resources for your prospects and share it with them. They will instantly grab them and you will get the leads.

Email Signature

Add a link to your "store" on your email and watch people go crazy when you provide them with valuable tools and resources.

Share on Social Media

You can even put NinjaLeads link on your Business FB pages, IG etc so people go there when they are looking to do business with you.

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Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What Others Have To Say...

Meet The man Behind NinjaLeads

Satish Gaire is a World Class marketer.  He & his team are based in Dallas, Texas.  He has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazines.    He has been in the marketing & software business for 11 years.    He believes in providing exceptional value for his customers.

Fair & Honest Pricing


NinjaLeads Standard


NinjaLeads PRO Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers​

1.  How Many Products Can I Add?

Unlimited. We do not hold you back. Add as many products as you want.

2.  How Many Leads Can I Capture?

Unlimited. We want you to capture as many leads as you can.

3. What if this doesn’t work out for me?​

No problem.  If you don’t make your investment back within 30 days,  you can request a full refund without any questions asked.

4. Is there detailed training/webinar included?​

Yes. We have a live webinar (recording sent to you). And detailed interactive video tutorials on how to use the system.


This purchase is RISK FREE.   You have 30 days to use the platform as much as you like without any restrictions.   If you do not like or think this platform did not add value to your business,  simply email us at & we will  give you a FULL refund & you can keep the bonus!   This software has leads of ANY niche you can think of!   Use our system without risking your money for 30 days,  In 30 days if you think this software was not worth money,  just reach out to us and we will send you a prompt 100% Refund back.    

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